GovBuilt Platform Release Notes

November 2021 Enhancement Release on Sat, Nov 20, 2021 Version: 2.51.0


Report Upgrade

Added ability to filter the report by a field on the report. The example below shows County Water Well Permits filtered by the county.

Confirmation Email Upgrade

Added ability to create and use a custom confirmation email. This enhancement allows the ability to customize the email by adding inspections needed, rules, codes, etc.

Parcel Genealogy

Added a View All Submissions button on the form submission.

September 2021 Enhancement Release on Tue, Sep 14, 2021 Version: 2.50.0


Case Upgrades

Case Search Enhancements

  • Added a Team Member Option to Limit Cases By the Team Members Assigned to the Cases

  • Added a Text Search to allow searching by Responsible Party First Name, Last Name, Phone Number, Email, Address, and Case Title

View All Submissions on One Page

  • Added a "View All Submissions" button to the Attached Docs
  • Shows a page with the ability to view all the form submissions on one page without having to load multiple tabs

Ready for Billing Workflow Automation

  • Added a "Ready for Billing" option that automates setting the case status, billing status, adds any new team members to the case, and creates an admin note.

Attached Documents Upgrades

  • Added a List View Option to view all attached documents on a case in a list view instead of a tile view

  • Added Meta Data to Documents allowing you to track Status, document type, control whether submitter can view on their profile, short description, and a long description

Create Task Upgrades

  • Now you can create tasks on a case to track items like Council Meetings, Maps to Create, Meetings, and etc
  • Each task has a begin date, due date, close date, team member assigned, status, type, document it is linked to, and notes.

Case Comments Add Edit on Your Comments

  • Gave the ability if you added the comment in a case you can edit the comment

My Cases Option

  • New Menu Under Cases for a quick link to view only your cases 

Case AutoFill Expected Close Date

  • Automatically Grab the Expected Case Close Date on Form Submission to Save Time

Sent Emails Report and Tracking

  • All emails are tracked in the system and now we gave you a report to easily view these emails including the status of them being sent

  • Report Includes an Option to View the Email

  • If an email was in relation to a case whether a comment or an actual "Email Case" it will now show in your sent items tab

Bug Fixes

  • Admin Edit of Form the Maximize Form Description had CSS Overlap
  • Clicking Attach Print and Cancel Then Discard Changes Showed Wrong Message
  • Mailing Address on Forms Was Not Pulling Back Address in Permit Type
  • Case Create and Edit Time was Showing in UTC 
  • Case List View Button on Case Type Showed All Cases instead of Limiting the Filter to Only that Case Type

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